Muddy River Featured Image For Website

New Acrylic Pours

The end result of creating an ‘Acrylic Pour’ is, for the most part, pretty much unpredictable.  I think that is one of the things I love about acrylic pouring. If you take a look at my Tangled Line Art Gallery, you will see that the end result of this type of art is very ‘controlled’, quite the opposite of the control I have over the end result of an acrylic pour. Creating in these opposing styles of art creates a ‘balance’ within me. I love both ‘extremes’ of control (or lack there of) over the final outcome:)  have recently added the 6 new acrylic pours, shown below to my Acrylic Pour Gallery.

Rivers For Website
Muddy River For Website
Muddy River
Rip Tide For Website
Rip Tide
Blue Poppy For Website
Blue Poppy
Pink For Website
Blowing Raspberries For Website
Blowing Raspberries

All these designs have been upoaded to my Red Bubble shop and my Fine Art America shop. Take a few moments to  have a look around to see the wide range of products available featuring designs from all my galleries. Prints are available in a wide range of sizes and on a variety of formats. As an example, your are able to purchase customisable framed prints, canvas prints, metal prints or simply purchase a poster:) Many of the products are available in different sizes. You are able to adjust where the design lies on many products by simply ‘dragging’ the design around. Addittionally, you are able to change the colour of the background on  many products to suit your tastes.

With Christmas not too far away again, why not get your Christmas shopping sorted out early:)

New Acrylic Pours

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