“Sashings” Gallery

“Sashings” is my new series of Tangled Line Art designs and so the “Sashings” series won’t feel left out, I have created their own little “Sashings” Gallery.

I haven’t decided how many pieces I will feature in this gallery as yet. There is the potential that it could go on for a long….. time :). That won’t happen though, because there are other ‘series’ patiently waiting their turn.

What exactly is and/or why have a created a “Sashing” series?

Well….. One of my other passions is Quilting! Not only do I love quilting, I love teaching quilting as well.

Sampler Quilt
Sampler Quilt
"Sashings" Outline
“Sashings” Outline

One of the more traditional ways of teaching beginner quilting students is to teach what is called a ‘Sampler’ quilt. Essentially, a ‘Sampler’ quilt is a series of quilt ‘blocks’, varying in techniques and difficulty level. The quilt blocks are separated by ‘Sashings’ and combined to form a completed quilt top.

The ‘Sample Quilt’ shown is a traditional sampler quilt that I have designed and teach. It clearly shows the various ‘blocks’ and the ‘sashing’ separating the blocks.

This quilt measures 55″  x 68″.

For the most part, Tangled line Art designs to date have been based on quilt blocks ‘back to back’. My new series ‘Sashings’ will be based on quilt blocks set apart by ‘Sashings’ in the same manner a traditional ‘Sampler Quilt’ – hence the “Sashings “series.


This outline drawing shows the concept of ‘Sashings’ in its’ simplest form. Traditionally, ‘sashings’ can be used to separate the ‘blocks’ as in the Sampler Quilt’ shown. Alternatively, they may be used to ‘transition’ from one block to another and may not even be evident in the finished design. I am hoping to be able to create pieces in the ‘Sashings’ series that illustrate both concepts.

Stay tuned and enjoy:)