Kaleidoscope Gallery

The first of many kaleidoscopes in my new Kaleidoscope Gallery.

I found this cool little App called IO Crafter (I am not affiliated with the writer of the app) to create several varieties of what I think of as Kaleidoscopes. The free version comes with a range of images within the app that can be used to create the Kaleidoscopes, however, all the Kaleidoscopes in this Kaleidoscope Gallery have been created using my own images.

There is a small fee to upgrade but it is so worth it – LOTS OF FUN:)

For now, I have just uploaded a few Kaleidoscopes into this Gallery. I am still in the process of ‘fine tuning’ the Kaleidoscopes to be able to upload them to my web page. More to come once the fine tuning has been – well, ‘fine tuned’.

For now, there are other Kaleidoscope that I have uploaded to my Instagram page here.

I hope you enjoy them….