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Chocolate Stars

‘Chocolate Stars’ began its’ life as a hexagon. My last few pieces have been based on a ‘square’ and/or a circle. Each of the pieces based on a circle are an additional piece for my ‘Clockface’ series. I felt I needed to do something that was the ‘same’ but ‘different’. I’m sure you understand what I am saying :)…..

Chocolate Stars
Chocolate Stars - Framed
Chocolate Stars

The first thing I see when I look at this piece is the ‘Chocolate Stars’. Look behind the ‘Chocolate Stars’ to see the foundation of the hexagons that the piece was created on. If you look closely, you will see a 6 petal ‘flower’ behind each of the stars. Each of the ‘flowers’ were created within a hexagon.


Each time I look at this piece, I can see different ways the curves of the piece move from one shape to the next and form different overall shapes. This would make a great framed piece, hung either in portrait or landscape mode.

Choose a custom frame and size to suit your taste and wall space 🙂


Chocolate Stars

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