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‘Acrylic Pour’ Number Jigsaws

My previous post was on ‘Acrylic Pour’ Jigsaws, however, I thought I needed to dedicate a post specifically to ‘Acrylic Pour’ Number Jigsaws.

The ‘Number Jigsaws’ series is a specific series of jigsaws created based on Acrylic Pour designs. The finished jigsaw is in the shape of a specific number ranging from 0 – 9 inclusive. At the time of writing this post, there are 6 designs available (more to come). Each ‘Number’ jigsaw is available in each design – that is a total of 60 ‘Acrylic Pour’ Number Jigsaws – 10 ‘Number Jigsaws’ in each design!

Each jigsaw averages 12″ x 15″ (30cm x 38cm) finished size. The number “1” jigsaw is a bit narrower at 10″ x 15″ (25cm x 38cm). Each jigsaw, except the number “1” jigsaw has 150 pieces. The number “1” jigsaw has 120 pieces.

The following gallery shows images of the jigsaws showing details of the pieces. The jigsaw are all provided in a box featuring the image of the jigsaw on the lid for easy reference.

Personally, I have chosen two designs and ordered the relevant numbers for the birth year of my two children. Once I complete the jigsaws, I will combine them, get them framed and post the finished ‘Framed Jigsaws’ in my blog in due course. I haven’t worked out the exact details as yet – more on that later though…

‘Acrylic Pour’ Number Jigsaws

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