Pixels/Fine Art America

Pixels and Fine Art America are sister Print On Demand sites (POD Sites). You are able to purchase the art work pieces within my galleries in a wide variety of formats. Wall art – prints in a wide variety of sizes – framed/matted/or not and canvases. You may be more interested in home decor items? Choose from cushions, duvet covers, shower curtains. Personally, I am a sucker for of different bags/pouches, phone cases, battery charges and mugs. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see images of the products available for each image.

Please note that not all images are available in all products. Click on the image you are interested in to see all the products available for that image. Products available are divided into different categories. Click on the drop down arrow for each category to see the variety of products available within that category.

You can customise many of the products and view the changes live.  Choose frames and or mats for art work, display images on some products vertically or horizontally. Change the position of the image on some products to suit.

Calico Puzzle Coffee Mug
Calico Puzzle Coffee Mug
Cotton Candy Shower Curtain
Cotton Candy Shower Curtain


A Cotton Candy Shower curtain? Maybe not your colours. Have a look over at Pixels/Fine Art America to see if there is something else that might appeal to you.

Calico Puzzle Coffee Mug – Hmmm… Reminds me of Christmas.





What other products are available?

You can view the full range of products available at the Pixels/Fine Art America website. Take a few moments to view your favourite images and the diverse range of products available for each those images.

Go to my Tangled Line Art Gallery Gallery to view pieces within that gallery. Alternative, if you are more interested in Zentangle, go to the Zentangle Gallery.

Here is the direct link to the Cotton Candy Shower Curtain  and the  Calico Puzzle Coffee Mug if you these products interest you.