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Acrylic Pour 42
Acrylic Pour 42

Over the last few months, I have been having a lot of fun with ‘Acrylic Pours’. They are loads of fun to create – yes, messy 🙂 but still loads of fun.

The thing I love about acrylic pouring is the ‘surprise’ element. I never know what the end result will be. I can control the colours and proportions of colours I put together, the fluidity of the paints, where and how I ‘place’ or ‘pour’ the paint etc. 

What I can’t control with any degree of accuracy though, is how the paints mixed and intermingle with each other.

I can honestly say I am always surprised by the results. More often than not, I am happy with the results. Sometimes, the results are just OK and occassionally, just plain ugly…. 

Even the ‘plain ugly’ results don’t cause a problem. The solution that works for me, wait for them to dry, gesso over the top and start again. Voila, a new painting 🙂

To see the full range I acrylic pour designs I have completed over the last several months, go to my Acrylic Pour Gallery here.

So, What Do I Do With My Acrylic Pours?

You may have noticed, there are a lot of acrylic pours in the gallery – roughly 150 or so, give or take a few 🙂 So, what do I do with them all you might ask? Well, the ‘spare room’ that was serving as a ‘I’ll put that in there and sort it out later’ room, has been cleaned out an is now my ‘Gallery’. I have also re-arranged some other walls and they now sport a selecton of acrylics pours as well.

I’m just now in the process of fine tuning and finalising some pictures of my ‘Gallery’. Keep a look out for a post on just that a little further down the track.


Acrylic Pour 46 Pieces
Acrylic Pour 46 – Showing Pieces

Off course, there has to be jigaws! I have added three more Acrylic Pours to my custom jigsaw shop here.

The jigsaw show at right, Acrylic Pour 46 has 1000 pieces. For clarification, when you visit the shop, you will notice that all the jigsaws have the number of pieces in the title of the jigsaw. Some jigsaws are available in two sizes so be sure to check the number of pieces in the title before purchasing:)

Jigsaws range in size from 120 pieces to 2000 pieces. Not only are they available in a range of sizes, they are also available in a range of styles as well e.g. traditional, circular,  magnetic and in the shape of numbers!

The ‘number’ puzzles are only 150 pieces each with the exception of the number ‘1’ which is just 120 pieces.

I have completed the ‘number jigsaws’ that represent the year/s my children were born in. I will be getting the jigsaws framed in due course – exactly how is currently a ‘work in progress’ in my head at the moment.

Stay tuned to see the final results……

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all my followers a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Take a break, treat yourselves and remember “Do What You Love and Love What You Do!”


More Acrylic Pours and Custom Jigsaw

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