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Colouring Pages

…..and I am a fan of Adult Colouring Books. Over the last couple of years I have bought multiple adult colouring books ranging from the pocket size colouring book to almost A3 size colouring books and anything in between. I confess that I have enough colouring books to keep my going for  more than  lifetime – or 2 lifetimes – but who’s counting 🙂

In my infinite wisdom ?? I have cut up each book and scanned all the images into a PDF document. That way, I am able to print all or some of the images from each book onto various weights and types of paper depending on how I want to treat the image. As an example, I  may print them on a smooth surface paper if I want to add ‘tangles’ to some of the sections. Alternatively, I could print them on watercolour paper. If I intend to use markers to colour the pages, I will print them on a heavier weight paper so the markers don’t ‘bleed’ through to the back of the paper.

Now, I have more colouring pages in PDF files than I care to admit to:) and unfortunately, no way of knowing with any certainty, which books they originally came from.

Relaxing and Rewarding

I find the process of completing colouring pages very relaxing, therapeutic and rewarding. Off course, I am not always happy with the outcome – there are a few that didn’t ‘make the cut’ – that have found a new home in a small filing cabinet under my desk – the one that looks very much like a rubbish bin 🙂 For me. it is the process of completing a colouring page as much as the end result that I find therapeutic. If one competed piece here and there isn’t what I was hoping it would be, so be it 🙂

Just to be clear, I did not draw any of the images in this Gallery – just coloured and or ‘tangled’ within the images.

I would love to be able to give credit to the origin of the images. If you recognise any of the images in the Gallery, please let me know which book they were in and I would be happy to give credit accordingly. I have a record of all the colouring books I have purchased in a database. My brain simply won’t stretch to being able to remember which image came from which book:(

Please enjoy…

Colouring Pages

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