Welcome To My Galleries Page

Here,  you will find direct links to each of my gallery pages where you will find more information about each individual gallery.

At the moment, I have a Tangled Line Art Gallery,  The Clock Strikes Gallery, Sashings Gallery, an Acrylic Pour Gallery and a Zentangle Gallery.

I will be uploading new pieces to each of these galleries on a regular basis and as time permits. Please check back often to see the new work added to each gallery.

Web Of Intrigue - In my galleries.
Web Of Intrigue
Just About Done
Just About Done



See the piece ‘Web Of Intrigue’ and more in the Tangled Line Art Gallery.


See the piece ‘Just About Done’ and more in the Zentangle gallery.





Work for my new Bargello Gallery is currently ‘in progress’. Check back regularly to see the new gallery.

Don’t know what Bargello is? Go to the Bargello Gallery (see link below) to see a brief rundown on ‘Bargello’


Tangled Line Art Gallery    The Clock Strikes Gallery   Zentangle Gallery   Bargello Gallery

 ‘Sashings’ Gallery  Acrylic Pour Gallery