Acrylic Pour 30 - 500 Pieces - Magnetic

Acrylic Pour Jigsaws

Custom jigsaws based on my Acrylic Pour designs are now available.

For my ardent followers, you will be well aware that I love jigsaws 🙂 Personally, I love the challenge of a large jigsaw – haven’t quite worked out why that is, but, it is what it is…. The largest jigsaw I have done is an 18000 piece jigsaw and I think I have decided to ‘draw a line in the sand’ at 18000 pieces. The space and time needed to do anything larger than thatposes some serious questions!

But I still love top do jigsaws… Now, I totally understand that large jigsaws are not everyones’ ‘thing’.

Acrylic Pour 30 - 500 Pieces - Magnetic
Acrylic Pour 30 – 500 Pieces – Magnetic

The ‘Acrylic Pour’ pieces that I wrote about here are the perfect option to create some smaller custom jigsaws.

I have created a range of smaller custom jigsaws featuring my Acrylic Pour designs. They are available in two sizes 285 Pieces, finished size 12″ x 16.5″ or 500 Pieces, finished size 19″ x 19″. Jigsaws are either traditional jigsaws or magnetic jigsaws. If the jigsaw is a magnetic jigsaw it will show ‘Magnetic Jigsaw’ in the title.

Read a little more info about magnetic custom jigsaws here.

The below gallery shows the current ‘Acrylic Pour’ custom jigsaws available.

To see the full range of custom jigsaws available, please visit my custom jigsaw shop here. Jigsaws range from 285 Pieces to 2000 Pieces. Enjoy:)


Acrylic Pour Custom Jigsaws

‘Acrylic Pour’ Jigsaws

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