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Tangled Line Art Jigsaws

If your have read my bio, you would know that I love doing jigsaws. Now Tangled Line Art jigsaws are available as well….

In some of my earlier posts, I have talked about having some of my Tangled Line Art pieces made into custom jigsaws. I have had two made for myself, a 1000 piece ‘Masquerade’ and a 2000 piece ‘Flying Geese’. Several custom jigsaws were also created for family for Christmas 2016.

I started my 1000 piece ‘Masquerade’ jigsaw earlier this year and am posting ‘progress notes’ for want of a better word, on my blog.

Hmmm… OK, so I haven’t had much time to work on that lately, but it is still a ‘Work In Progress’ 🙂

You too can now buy Tangled Line Art jigsaw puzzles….. Yeah……

Masquerade Jigsaw

I have created a number of custom jigsaws that you are able to purchase from Custom jigsaw designs can be created with a number of different ‘variables’. As an example, they can be ordered in a plain box or in a box with the image on the cover of the box.  I have designed each of the custom jigsaws with an image of the jigsaw on the cover of the box.

This image shows the cover of my ‘1000 Piece Masquerade’ puzzle. The number of pieces in the puzzle is also shown on the side of the box.

Should you decide to purchase a Tangled Line Art jigsaw, your puzzles would be presented in a corresponding custom box.


1000 Piueces
1000 Pieces

Not all design are available as custom jigsaws. The proportions of all my design do not ‘gel’ with the proportions of the jigsaws.

Needless to say though, there are a good variety of jigsaws available and I will certainly be adding more in due course. I will also be looking at creating pieces specifically with having them created into jigsaws as well 🙂

Go to my Tangled Line Art Custom Jigsaw Puzzles page here to see all the custom Tangled Line Art Jigsaws available.

Custom Tangled Line Art Jigsaws

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