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Hello and welcome. I am really happy that you have found your way here to my Tangled Line Art site.

I hope you enjoy looking around my site and I  encourage you to try your own hand at Tangled Line Art. It really is much easier than it may first appear.

This concept grew from a free online lesson by Jason Padgett. Thank you Jason:) I would love to be able to provide a link to this instruction, however, unfortunately, I am no longer able to find this on the internet. The piece ‘Pentangle’ (View in Tangled Line Art Gallery) is the result of my following the instructions as detailed  by Jason Padgett.

Luck of the Irish
Luck of the Irish

From here, I started asking myself the ‘What If’ questions. What if I started with a square? This piece, Luck of the Irish, is one of the first pieces that I drew beginning with a square. (View in Tangled Line Art Gallery)

Some other questions I asked myself…..If I started with a rectangle, would that create an elongated segment? How about dividing a circle into 6 sections ? What if I started with a hexagon? How would I treat the blank spaces where the hexagons join?

Over a period of time, I created several pieces that I was really happy with. The more pieces I create, the more ideas that come ‘to mind’ as I sit and draw lines 🙂


I also love Zentangle. Zentangle is totally the opposite to the pieces in my Tangled Line Art  gallery. It is completely non-geometric and free form – no precision required 🙂 I have uploaded a portion of my Zentangle pieces to my  Zentangle Gallery here.

More than anything else though, I find creating Tangled Line Art and Zentangle to be very therapeutic. It gives me the opportunity to ‘zone out’ whilst at the same time creating intriguing pieces of art work.

These art works are available for purchase as prints, framed prints, canvases, a variety of home wares e.g. cushions, shower curtains etc as well as stationery items and phone covers.

For a detailed list of products available, please see the relevant pages for Pixels/Fine Art America and Red Bubble.

Enjoy 🙂