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Uppercase Magazine Competition Entry
Uppercase Magazine Competition Entry

I have been a huge fan of UPPERCASE Magazine sine I became aware of it’s existance. There are so many things I love about the magazine. I love the variety and quality of the articles, the overal aesthetic, the character, the quality of the physical magazine etc.  Just the simple fact that I can hold it in my hands to read it in these days of technology is a bonus 🙂

I am not affiliated with the magazine at all. I just simply love the magazine and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in creative artistic pursuits.

When an opportunity came along recently to enter a competition to design the feature image for the cover of the 10th Anniversary edition of the magazine, I just had to enter. I only came across the the competition two days or so before closing so it was a matter of dropping everything else for those two days and concentrating on my design. I scraped in by several hours:) As the design had to represent the 10 year anniversary of the magazine production (amonst other things), I based my design on a circle divided into 10 equal sements. One segment for each year. To create the finished design, I combined Tangled Line Art and Acrylic Pouring techniques. Now, I didn’t win the competition but I did get my design published in the magazine. Yeah, I was so excited 🙂

So, a huge thankyou to UPPERCASE Magazine for providing the opportunity for me to enter the competition and for publishing my entry. It is greatly appreciated. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Laura Moyer, the winner of the competition. Her winning cover design is awesome and deserves to be a ‘winner’ – Congratulations Laura 🙂


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