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Sashed Pinwheels

‘Sashed Pinwheels’ is the first piece in my new Series ‘Sashings’.

Tangled Line Art came about primarily as a combination of my love of Quilting, Geometrics and ‘Creating’. Most Tangled Line Art pieces are based on Quilt blocks and/or geometric shapes. In this new series, I have incorporated another quilting concept/terminoolgy i.e. ‘Sashings’ and incorporated – sashings, into Tangled Line Art designs.

Follow the link below to read in more detail about what ‘sashings’ are.

Sashed Pinwheels
Sashed Pinwheels
Sashed Pinwheels Framework
Sashed Pinwheels Framework

The image to the right shows the framework of the piece ‘Sashed Pinwheels’. Each block is 5″ x 5″ while the sashing strips are all 2″ wide. As mentioned on the ‘Sashings Gallery’ page, link below, sashings can be used both to separate blocks within a quilt design or to transition and pull a series of blocks and/or design together. In this piece, you can still ‘see’ the pinwheel ‘block’ component with the sashings being used to pull the whole design together.

In a design where the block is more complex, I would keep the sashing simpler and let the detail of the block show through.


Sashed Pinwheels - 2000 Pieces - Sepia
Sashed Pinwheels – 2000 Pieces – Sepia
Sashed Pinwheels - 2000 Pieces
Sashed Pinwheels – 2000 Pieces

Naturally, I had to create jigsaws featuring Sashed Pinwheels 😉 This design is available in 285 pieces, 500 pieces and 2000 pieces jigsaws. I have also made ‘Sashed Pinwheels’ available in Sepia toning in the larger 2000 pieces size.

The finished size of the completed jigsaws are shown on the side of the ‘image box’ the jigsaw are presented in.

To see the full range and details of custom Tangled Line Art jigsaws available, take a short trip over to my shop here.



Sashed Pinwheels

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