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Magnetic Jigsaws – Finished

I was going to include the recently completed magnetic Tangled Line Art jigsaws in my earlier post about ‘Masquerade’. The ‘Masquerade’ post ended up being longer than anticipated so I thought I would give the finished ‘Magnetic Jigsaw’ their own little post.

Strike 5 - 500 Pieces - Magnetic
Strike 5 – 500 Pieces – Magnetic
Pinickity - 285 Pieces - Magnetic
Pinickity – 285 Pieces – Magnetic

The completed jigsaw ‘Think Tank’ pictured in my earlier post on ‘Jigsaws Galore’  is a magnetic jigsaw. I have also recently completed a 500 piece magnetic jigsaw of ‘Srike 5’ – 19″ x 19″. ‘Pinickity’ is a smaller 285 piece  magnetic jigsaw – finished size is 12.5″ x 16.5″

For now, I have both these jigsaws on a magnetic whiteboard.

When I was became interested in creating custom Tangled Line Art jigsaws, I initially created ‘Standard format’ jigsaws and purchased several myself. I wanted to be sure of the quality prior to making them available to the public. I am really happy with the quality of the custom jigsaws and so have created a wide variety of Tangled Line Art designs as custom jigsaws. They range in size from 285 pieces to 2000 pieces.

Each of the ‘Clock Strike’ series is available as a 300 piece Circular Jigsaw – very apt for a ‘Clock Face’ I thought 🙂

For the full range of custom jigsaws now available, head over to my shop here 🙂

Other ‘Variables’ for Custom ‘Tangled Line Art’ jigsaws to Explore.

Jigsaw Image Boxes
Jigsaw Images Boxes
Jigsaw Tin Box
Jigsaw Tin Box

There are multiple variables as to how I can set-up custom Tangled Line Art jigsaws. One of those variables is the box they are presented in. Of the options available, I wanted to order jigsaws with either an ‘Image Box’ or a ‘Tin Image Box’ – again, so I would have first hand experience of the quality of the product.

Again, I am very happy with both the ‘Image Box’ and the ‘Tin Image Box’. The three ‘Image Boxes’ remind of the Russian Dolls – They all nest into each other 🙂

For now, I will continue to explore other jigsaw options as well ….. Love the magnetic jigsaws! Other interesting options are available as well 🙂


Finished Magnetic Jigsaws

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