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Nature’s Own Garden


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Nature's Own Garden
Nature’s Own Garden

The colours in this design remind me of the colours of nature. I see a garden of colours as nature would have created it – for the most part, colours at random. This inspired the title “Nature’s Own Garden”.

In the introductory post on the ‘Sashings’ Gallery here, I mentioned that, within a quilt, the ‘sashings’ may ‘separate’ of ‘integrate’ the overall design.

In the first design of this series, Sashed Pinwheels, the sashings ‘integrated’ the design. By this, I mean that the ‘sashing’ strips are indeed an ‘individual’ part of the design, however, when the detail is added, it is not immediately obvious where the ‘sashing’ ends and the ‘block’ begins :). In the second piece ‘Night Vision’, the ‘sashing’ and ‘block’ component of the design are quite obvious.

This design, Nature’s Own Garden, is probably half way between the two options – not too obvious, but not too difficult to see either.

The close up image above  shows the block component of the design.

Can you see the ‘sashings’ and the ‘blocks’ within this design?

Off course, I had to create a jigsaw for this design as well – a 1000 piece jigsaw. Not too many pieces, but a challenge just the same:)

If I was doing this jigsaw (after I finish the others I already have, off course :), after completing the border, I would work on the  ‘chocolate’ coloured diamonds within the sashings of this design.

Would you tackle this the same way or completely differently. Let me know your thoughts below 🙂

You can see this jigsaw and a wide range of my other designs as custom jigsaws at Create Jigsaw Puzzles. They range in size from 285 pieces to 2000 pieces. All designs can be viewed either in portrait or landscape mode – your choice.



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Nature’s Own Garden
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