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Night Vision

Night Vision is the next design in my ‘Sashings’ series. You may recall in my earlier post on ‘Sashed Pinwheels’ I mentioned that the ‘Sashings’ within a quilt design could be used to integrate and pull a design together or ‘separate’ and show individual components.

In ‘Sashed Pinwheels’, the sashings became and integrated part of the overall design. ‘Night Vision’, shows the other end of the spectrum. The sashings separate the individual ‘Night Vision’ blocks.

Night Vision Block Outline
Night Vision Block Outline
Night Vision Outline
Night Vision Outline

The image on the left shows the outline of the ‘Night Vision’ individual block.

The image on the right shows the overall basic outline of the completed piece with the ‘sashings’ added. In quilting terms, the squares that form where the sashing strips intersect are called ‘cornerstones’

As with the sashing strips, the ‘cornerstones’ can be treated as their own design element or blended in with the overall design.


More Details

Night Vision Outline and Block Outline
Night Vision Outline and Block Outline
Night Vision - Coloured
Night Vision – Coloured

The image on the left here shows the basic outline of the overall designs prior to commencing adding parabolic curves to the design.

I will usually begin with a rough idea of a colour scheme and placement of colour that I would like to use. Invariably, there are some ‘adjustments’ along the way. More often than not, I will make adjustments to the ‘weight’ of the colours to create a good balance of colour. At times, I may have to make a more significant adjustment of my original plan e.g. when I ‘goof’   i.e. wrong colour in the wrong area or I draw the ‘curve’ facing the opposite direction to what I intended.

I love the way that I can now see ‘circulating life saver buoys’ in the coloured representation of the design here. I didn’t actually see that until I posted it here.

Enjoy….. and try your own hand at Tangled Line Art. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or comments. I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂



Night Vision

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