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Squared Away

Squared Away
Squared Away
Squared Away Outline
Squared Away Outline

‘Squared Away’ is my newest design in  my ‘Tangled Line Art’ Gallery.

This design started life as a ‘What If’ question to myself. I began with a central square with a parabolic curve drawn on each side. From there, I asked myself the question “What If’ I repeated this process adding additional rows of the same size squares in different colours, but overlapping the previous square/s by 50 %.

‘Squared Away’ is the result of that ‘What If’ question:)

The ‘Outline’ image shown at the right shows the basic idea starting with the middle squar. Each susbsequent ’round of squares’ overlaps the previous ’round of squares’ by 50%. Hmmm… another ‘What If’ question? What if I used that same idea in principal, but only overlapped each subsequent ’round of squares’ by 25%, not 50%?

I think I will need to have a look at that:)

In this particular design, I added the parabolic curves in each additional series of squares in the same colour. It would be interesting to look at repeating the same overall idea but perhaps changing the colouring to create a diagonal grid?

The close ups at right show the ‘stars’ created where the various sections overlap. As I was completeing this design, I was wondering how I would create a ‘finish’ on the outside edges. This question was ‘auto answered’ essentially. The spaces within the outside sqaures create a convenient border:) These ‘spaces’ would be filled if I was to add an additional ’round of swaures’. A ‘new border’ would then be created by the ‘spaces’ in that ’round of sqaures’ 🙂


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Squared Away

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