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Road Map

Road Map
Road Map

I really loved the concept of combining acrylic pouring and zentangle and just couldn’t have one lone piece with this combo. ‘Road Map’ is a companion design to ‘At Cross Roads’. Both original designs are the same finished size at 10″ x 14″. It was created in the same manner as ‘At Cross Roads’. Read more detail about the process here on the ‘At Cross Roads’ post.

I had finished Road Map earlier this year and then got side tracked completing lots of new patterns for my With Fabric and Threads website. One of the new patterns I created was a Cross Stitch pattern based on my design “Acrylic Pour 4”. You can read more about  my ‘Acrylic Pour 4’ Cross Stitch pattern here. This pattern is available for purchase and immediate download here at my Etsy shop.

My Addiction……

For some years now, I have been ‘addicted’ to doing jigsaw puzzles, continually challenging myself to do larger and larger jgsaws. The largest I have completed is an 18000 piece jigsaw. I would still love to do something larger than this, however, the ‘practical’ side of me is starting to really ask questions about doing another large puzzle.

There are 3 main questions

  1.  Do I have the space?
  2.  Do I have the time? and
  3.  The $ value of purchasing large jigsaw – they are not cheap 🙁
Pieces – One piece from each jigsaw 🙂

In the interim, whilst contemplating these questions, I can’t not do jigsaws:) Both At Cross Roads and the companion design, Road Map are available as custom jigsaws. Each one is just 500 pieces at a finished size of 18″ x 24″. The pieces are about 1″ x 1″ so are a good size to work with – not too small.

I also have a large range of my other designs available for purchase at my Custom Jigsaw Shop. They are available in a range of sizes up to 2000 pieces.

I finished each of these jigsaws in 2 ‘sittings’ of about 3 hours per ‘sitting’ – is that even a real word 🙂 Will I get these framed? Ummm, I haven’t decided that yet. For now, I will just leave them out and let them ‘speak’ to me as I walk past them.

The Completed Puzzles

The images below show both completed puzzles. The image above is an image of my original drawing. The images belwo are photos of the actual jigsaws. I am really happy with finished jigsaws from the point of view of colour match and finished quality and ‘fit’ of the pieces within the jigsaw. Once I place an order, the order is processed quickly and the jigsaws arrive well packaged and in excellent condition.

At Cross Roads
At Cross Roads
Road Map
Road Map










Road Map

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