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A Wrong Decision

Acrylic Pour 46
Acrylic Pour 46

Have you ever been in a situation where you made a decision, knowing that you would regret that decision at a later stage, but went ahead and made that same decision anyway:) I know I have 🙁 I’m not talking about life changing or life threatening decisions, just more ‘daft’ decisions. The sort of decision where, somewhere down the track you think ‘Why did I do that?’ and not what you know would have been the right decision in the first place.

I did just that when I was creating a series of ‘Acrylic Pour’ designs. I was so excited and happy with the results and so continued creating more and more ‘acrylic pours’. Then, I  wanted to name them. I started off giving them meaningfull titles, but after the first dozen or so I decided that was ‘too hard’.  After all, I had close to 200 or so I would have to name at this stage. Then, I decided I would call them something really imaginative i.e. Acrylic Pour 1, Acrylic Pour 2, Acrylic Pour 3 – you get the idea 🙁 Bad decision…..

Then, I wanted to share them and post them online. Off course, I had to have them created into custom jigsaws as well and uploaded them to my shops on Fine Art America and Red Bubble.  Along with that, I have also converted some of them into cross stitch embroidery designs and upload them to my Etsy shop. To date, I have uploaded about 40 or so to various sites, all the while not feeling comfortable with the ‘Titles’ of the pieces.

So, What Now?

Then, I started thinking about renaming them all but that would mean I would have to change all the uploads on the various sites I have uploaded them to as mentioned above. The embroidery patterns would need to be reprinted with the correct title on the cover pages, charts and keys before re-uploading them to Etsy. I would also have to change all the internal links within this website and to my other site With Fabric and Threads to associated Cross Stitch patterns. Additionally, there are multiple links to my Facebook and Instagram page for each site.

When I really thought about actioning all of the above on 40 or so designs and their realted imagery, I knew there was no way I could that and not ‘break something – or multiple things in the process’.

My Final Decision

Well, essentially, I have decided that I am going to leave everything uploaded to date, including their wonderfully imaginative titles! as is. Going forward though, I am going to do what I should have done in the first place. I will give the designs meaningful titles and then upload them to all the various sites. A much better plan:)


A Wrong Decision

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