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Jigsaws Galore!

The ‘Clock Strikes’ series is now finished – and a new series will begin shortly:) Stay tuned for that in about a week or so.

Off course, I had to create jigsaws for the ‘Clock Strikes’ series – Circular jigsaws off course… Head on over to this page here to see more about the Circular Jigsaws for the Clock Strikes series.

Whilst on the subject of jigsaws, several months ago I thought I would try one of my Tangled Line Art designs, Think Tank, as a magnetic jigsaw.   If I am perfectly honest, I just wanted to do a magnetic puzzle simply because I haven’t done one before and I thought it would be interesting. The magnetic Think Tank jigsaw is 500 pieces and approximately 18″ x 24″ completed. I completed the jigsaw on foam-core and then moved it a magnetic whiteboard for display.

The Pieces are nicely weighted and fit well together. I love the off-skewed ‘circles’ – at least that’s the way I think of them – that circulate around this design.

Think Tank - Magnetic Jigsaw - Completed
Think Tank – Magnetic Jigsaw – Completed

To see the full range of jigsaws my Tangled line Art designs are now available in, head over to my ‘ Jigsaw Store‘.

Just to clarify, whilst the ‘Think Tank’ jigsaw shown above is magnetic, at this stage, my Tangled Line Art designs are not, as yet, available as magnetic jigsaws.

This is something that I will look at more closely a little ways down the track. If you are interested in ‘Magnetic Jigsaws’, please fell free to contact me via the contact form below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. 🙂

Jigsaws Galore

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