Strike 12

Strike 12

Strike 12
Strike 12

Yeah… I did it – Strike 12 is the last in my Clock Face series:)

Strike 12 is the final piece in this series. The inspiration behind this series came from when I completed and uploaded Clock On, Clock Off to Red Bubble. It struck me – no pun intended 🙂 how suited Clock On, Clock Off was to be ‘printed’ as a clock face and so, my Clock Face series was born.

All my clock faces are in a separate gallery here at Red Bubble. Off course, all the ‘Clock Face’ designs are available in a variety of other products at Red Bubble as well as a varied supply of products at Pixels.

I have been really happy with all the pieces in this series. So much so that I have created a calendar, which I have called ‘Time Management”. This calendar features ‘Clock On, Clock Off’ on the cover and Strike 1 through to Strike 12 on each subsequent month of the calendar. Strike 1 through to Strike 12 are all shown of the back of the Calendar.

Head over to Red Bubble here to see the Time Management calendar. Be sure to change the ‘Start Month’ to January 2018 to get a complete 2018 calendar. You can scroll through the calendar month by month to see the overall layout and how the calendar presents.

The ‘Clock Face’ series slideshow.

The following slide  show features all the pieces in the ‘Clock Face’ series.

I have created multiple jigsaw puzzles in varying sizes featuring my Tangled Line Art designs at Create Jigsaw Puzzles. Some designs are available in a couple of sizes. Each jigsaw features the design of the cover of the box. Designs available in various sizes have the same image on the cover of the box. For clarity, I have added the number of pieces in each design in the title of the jigsaw.

Until recently, I have not been able to create custom jigsaws for the Clock Face series as  there wasn’t a square format that would suit. Now, there are several formats that will suit the Clock Face series.  Yeah… 🙂

So, if you haven’t guessed by now, I will be creating some custom jigsaws for the Clock Face series. These jigsaws will be either 300 pieces of 500 pieces so quite achievable.

Stay tuned to see the new series of Clock Face custome jigsaws 🙂



Strike 12

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