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Custom 500 Piece Jigsaws

OK, I admit, perhaps not everyone is as ‘addicted’ to jigsaws as I am 🙂 With that in mind, this will be the last post (at least for some time:) specifically on custom jigsaws…

As I complete new pieces, I will arrange for the new pieces to be available as custom jigsaws where appropriate. I will add the new jigsaws to the appropriate ‘table’ of jigsaws, organised by number of pieces. Off course, you can view all my custom jigsaws via my custom jigsaw shop space.

The Tangled Line Art designs in the following table are all available as 500 piece jigsaws.

Pods 500 Front
Pods 500
Masquerade 500 Front
Masquerade 500
Flying Geese 500 Front
Flying Geese 500
Undergrowth 500 Front
Undergrowth 500
Puzzling 500 Front
Puzzling 500
Web Of Intrigue 500 Front
Web Of Intrigue 500
Which Way To Go - 500 Pieces
Which Way To Go - 500
Valencia -500 Pieces
Valencia -500 Pieces
Fan Frenzy - 500 Pieces
Fan Frenzy - 500
Eyes On You - 500 Pieces
Eyes On You - 500
Two and a Half Times Three - 500 Pieces
2.5 x 3 - 500
Sashed Pinwheels - 500
Sashed Pinwheels - 500
Flutterby Freedom 500 Front
Flutterby Freedom 500
Fire Hydrant 500 Front
Fire Hydrant 500
Fan Fare 500 Front
Fan Fare 500

In summary, a selection of my Tangled Line Art and Zentangle designs are available as custom jigsaws ranging in size from 285 pieces, 500 pieces, 1000 pieces and 2000 pieces. The size of the completed jigsaws are 12″ x 16.5″,  18″ x 24″, 19.75″ x 28″ and 29.53″ x 38.58″ respectively. Each custom jigsaw is presented in a sealed custom box featuring the design on the top of the box.

285 Pieces to 2000 Pieces

Like to try something smaller? or larger? There is also a range of 285 piece jigsaws available featuring my Zentangle designs. Head over to this page to read further details. Alternatively, there are also 1000 piece and 2000 piece Tangled Line Art custom jigsaws available.

Some designs are available in different sizes. To help in choosing the right size, I have included the number of pieces in the title of each custom jigsaw. When you visit my shop space, click of the image of the design that you are interested in. This will take you to a page specifically about that piece. The number of pieces is detailed in the Title and in the ‘Specifications’ under the image on this page. Under ‘Specifications, you can also click on the image box link to view the box from various angles.

Head over to my shop space here here to see the full range of my custom jigsaw puzzles.


Custom 500 Piece Jigsaws

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