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Flying Geese – 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Flying Geese 2000 Piece Jigsaw 2
Flying Geese 2000 Piece Jigsaw

I have Christmas week and New Years’ week off work so I thought I would take the time to work on one of my custom jigsaws. I have had ‘Flying Geese’ (2000 Pieces), for a while now. It did see the light of day several months ago, but only for a very brief time. I looked at all the pieces – all with lines! and promptly found something else that required my ‘urgent’ attention:)

Now, I have made a start. Yeah….. No more procrastination allowed. Essentially, I have completed half the border and sorted all the pieces into various groups. When I am tackling a jigsaw, generally, I will complete all the border first. With this jigsaw however, the half of the border that I have yet to complete is  all white with a spot of colour here and there. With that in mind, I will be leaving this portion of the border until later on in the process.

Once the pieces are sorted into rough groups, I then lay all the pieces out in groups on medium pieces of 3mm MDF, no larger than 450mm x 600mm. Each  piece of MDF will be the same size. This way, I can stack the boards on top of each other which works well from an organisational point of view. It also helps to keep the pieces protected and less likely to get lost – I hope:) I may also use 6mm foamcore but prefer the 3mm MDF.

The Next Step

I will work on one group of pieces until I get ‘stuck’. When I can’t make any further progress, then I will move on to another grouping of pieces and repeat the same process. By having all the pieces layed out, I find that over the time frame of working the puzzle, I will invariably ‘see’ far more detail in the pieces, moving pieces to different groups and ‘fine tuning’ the groups. The images below show some of the other pieces – all lines, lots of them on a white background.

I am looking forward to the challenge of putting this together and will post progress pictures intermittently – there will be ‘progress’, I’m almost sure of it 🙂


This jigsaw is available for purchase at my Custom Jigsaw Shop here. If 2000 pieces is a bit too daunting, why not try the same puzzle as a 500 piece puzzle. Be sure to check the number of pieces in the title to make sure you are getting your preferred size of jigsaw. 

If you like the design but are not into jigsaw puzzles, perhaps you might be interested in an shower curtain with this design here at Fine Art America? Perhaps an iPad Cover from Red Bubble?

Flying Geese Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

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