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Fan Fare – Stage 2

‘Fan Fare – Stage 2’ is the next step in the piece ‘Fan Fare’.

As mentioned in the initial ‘Fan Fare’ post, I call the long triangles created in Stage 1 as ‘blades’. I think of  Stage 2 as shaping the end of each blade and/or adding some ‘character’ to the blades. This will also serve to add some depth to the piece (I hope:)) once the final stage, adding colour, is completed.

Fan Fare Stage 2
Fan Fare Stage 2

I have added an undulating curve to the ends of the blades in the finished ‘Fan Fare Stage 2’ image. I have also posted some other ideas to show other ways you could finish the ends of the blade.  Experiment and challenge yourself to see how many ideas you can come up with 🙂

Blade finish 2
Blade Finish 2
Blade Finish 3
Blade Finish 3
Blade Finish 4
Blade Finish 4

Some Thoughts as I progressed with Stage 2

As I worked towards the centre of the spiral of each block, I  became confused as to which ‘line’ was the end of the blade and which lines were the sides of the blades. None the less, I persevered and continued to finish each block. Mind you, I’m not too sure how many of the centres are correct. I loved the process and I am happy with my progress so far.

One thing I did find interesting with this whole concept is the way that the original outlines of the squares integrate to form the design. The original squares of the design are ‘lost’, for want of a better word, within the spirals.

The next stage will be adding colour:) I have a couple of different ideas I could try. Check back soon to see the finished piece – even if I’m not happy with the final piece, I will post it here on my blog.

I do hope you are enjoying reading about creating ‘Tangled Line Art’ and are encouraged to try your own hand at ‘Tangled Line Art.

Remember, you just need a sheet of paper, a ruler and a pen/marker – Ooh – and some time 🙂 Happy creating…


‘Fan Fare’ Stage 2

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