Strike 8

Strike 8

Strike 8
Strike 8

In my post on ‘Skewed’, I mentioned that I have been having some Internet and /or computer problems over the last week or so. I started ‘Strike 8’ when I rebooted my PC and was waiting… and waiting… and waiting for it to reboot. It rebooted but the internet was still down so I continued with ‘Strike 8’ instead. That was much more productive and satisfying 🙂

Each of my Clock Face pieces begins with a circle divided into 12 sections. As you can appreciate, there is significantly more space on the outer divisions than there is on the inner divisions. This is one of the challenges I have come across in setting myself this goal of creating a series of 12 Clock Face Tangled Line Art designs. How do I treat the small spaces within centre of the circle divisions?

Well, I could always draw 12 lines directly into the centre – it would work, but, really a bit too obvious and boring to do the same thing for every piece 🙁 Once I have done that, what do I add in the small narrow spaces created? Fairly limited in what I can add here….

What Else Could I Do?

It is interesting that I didn’t think of this prior to starting this series. As I continue though, I create the 12 divisions and then I focus on what I will do with the centre. As I work through some ‘What if” questions, it also gives me some ideas in relation to how the centre will tie the complete piece together. In summary, what I have found is that if I combine the areas in the centre, in combinations that divide equally into 12, then I have sufficient space to create pattern within those areas. I need to combine the spaces into groups of 2, 3, 4, 6 . The other alternative is to leave an open circle in the centre for a design and then create the division from the outer edge of the inner circle.

What initially could be viewed as a problem area, when viewed in a different light, is actually a very strong positive. Once I worked out the centre, the outer areas seem to literally fall into place:)

To see the Clock Face designs completed to date, go to my Clock Strikes Gallery here.



Strike 8

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