Strike 11

Strike 11


Strike 11 – One more to go in this series… What will the next series be about?

I have a couple of ideas that I am considering, but haven’t made a decision on that just yet 🙂

In previous posts, I have mentioned that I quite often see something within a piece once it is posted that I didn’t see when I was completing the piece. This is the case with Strike 11. I saw the central flower in this piece – I love that. The maroon coloured ‘trumpets’ caught my eye as I was returning to continue with piece – about half way through 🙂

What I didn’t see though – until just now as I write this blog post, is the ‘curved over’ outer edges with the little ‘flags’ at each ‘hour’ of the clock-face.

Enjoy 🙂


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Strike 11
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