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Zentangle – Custom Jigsaws

In my previous post, I mentioned that you are now able to buy a selection of my  designs as custom jigsaws in a variety of sizes. The following table shows four of my Zentangle pieces that are available as Custom Zentangle Jigsaws

One thing I love about Tangled Line Art/Zentangle and Mixed Media pieces is that each piece can be displayed either in portrait or landscape mode:)

Thinking about it, maybe that it why I love Spirograph and Abstract in general – there isn’t a definitive right way or wrong way to display the piece 🙂

Zentangle Designs currently available as Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Mixed Tangle 1 - 285 Pieces
Mixed Tangle 1
Mixed Tangle 2
Just About Done - 285
Just About Done
Pinickity 285

Each of the Custom Zentangle Jigsaws above contain 285 pieces. When completed, each jigsaw will     measure 12″ x 16.5″ (310mm x 418mm)

Over the coming weeks, I will post further details of the Tangled Line Art pieces that are now available as Custom Jigsaw Puzzles. Some designs are available as 1000 Piece jigsaws. Other designs are available as 2000 Piece Jigsaws. Two of the designs are available as either a 1000 Piece Jigsaw or a 2000 Piece jigsaw.

Currently, there are approximately 20 Custom Jigsaws in total to choose from. Go here to see the full range. When you arrive on the sales page, each jigsaw in represented by an image of the design. Clicking on your favourite design image will bring up the next page e.g. I like Directional as a 2000 Piece Jigsaw. On this detailed specifications page, you will see a link under Packaging Image Box which will take you to a page showing you a detailed image of the box the jigsaw will be presented in. You are able to view the box from all angles as well as zooming in and out on the image if required. Each jigsaw is presented in a box featuring the image on the top of the box and the number of pieces in the jigsaw and completed size on the side box.

Zentangle – Custom Jigsaws

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