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My First Blog Post For 2017

Welcome to 2017 everyone. I hope 2017 is a happy and healthy year for you and your families.

Christmas is over for another year. Yay… I have the best part of this week off before heading back to the usual 9-5 work schedule.

In the last couple of days, I have been able to complete a couple of samples of ‘The First Step’ in creating a Tangled Line Art piece.

First Blog Post 2017 - Tangled Line Art Runner 2
Tangled Line Art Runner 2
First Blog Post 2017 - Tangled Line Art Runner 1
Tangled Line Art Runner 1

Runner 1 – on the left – (I will think of a better title soon :)) started as a 3 x 5  grid of squares, simply laid side by side. I particularly wanted to do this to illustrate that it is well worth thinking about the secondary design that may be created where the blocks meet each other.  The pencilled construction lines in ‘Runner 1’ have been left in so you are able to see clearly where the division lines of each block are.

I think of this design as a set of  ‘repeating curved/wavy diagonal line in graduating tones from blues to purple – all done with straight line’.

Runner 2 – on the right – (Yes, I know, another imaginative title :)) started as a 2 x 3 grid of squares. In this sample, the green motifs are worked in the centre of each square of the original grid. The two complete purple motifs are worked in the centre of the off-set squares created where the original squares meet.

The Next Stage

For both of these designs, this would be the first stage of  the final piece. From here….. Yes, I like them both, however, I think they both need ‘something else’ – that’s very helpful I know :).

I completed both these pieces on an A3  size piece of paper. I usually work on A2 or larger. As a general rule, I have found A2 is a good size to work on. This gives me the room to create more ‘repeats’ and thereby create different interactions where the original blocks meet. To complete a piece using these two as a base, the first thing I would do, would be to complete them on A2 size paper.

I would then start to ask myself questions-:

  1. Do I need more colours?
  2. Can I add additional lines within the current settings to draw further parabolic curves?
  3. If I do that, will the additional ‘parabolic curves’ be created over the current ‘parabolic curves’?
  4. If yes, is that a good thing or a ‘bad’ thing?
  5. Would that give the piece more depth?
  6. Or would it look like an overdone ‘jumbled mess?

At times, I can ‘see’ what will work and what won’t work – at other times, I don’t know. Go ahead and try different ideas – in pencil. You can always rub it out if it doesn’t work 🙂

The pieces Imbue, Think Tank and Cotton Candy all started off using the same ‘base’ as Runner 2.

I have yet to post a completed piece based on the ‘diagonals’ concept as seen in Runner 1 – Let’s see if I can’t do something about that and post that along with my next blog post 🙂

Please feel free to contact me via the Contact Form here if you have any queries or suggestions.

My First Blog Post for 2017

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