Hello and Welcome…

I am really happy that you have found your way to my Tangled Line Art Gallery.

Grab a ‘cuppa’, take a seat, get comfy and browse through the gallery.

I hope you enjoy viewing the gallery as much as I enjoy creating the pieces.

All the pieces in this gallery begin their life as a basic geometric shape. The original shape is then sub-divided into smaller sections. For example, a square may be sub-divided by marking the halfway point on all sides and joining these points to create a square within a square design. This basic pattern is then repeated to create an overall basic outline.

Square In A Square
Square In A Square

When repeating the basic pattern, consider the secondary patterns formed where the basic pattern meet. Can the basic patterns be offset? Does the basic pattern need to be repeated directly beside each or can they be evenly spaced? The possibilities are endless.

Parabolic curves are then drawn within the various sections in a variety of combinations and colours.

Do I begin a piece knowing what the end results will be?

The simple answer in ‘No’. I do not begin a piece with a specific expectation of what the finished piece will look like. I may have an idea about what different sections will look like but I do not necessarily know what the overall outcome will be. Each piece begins as a basic repeated pattern and I literally ‘work it out’ as I go along.

For the most part, I am happy with the outcome – sometimes, not so much so 🙂 For the ‘not so much’ occasions, I always come away knowing what didn’t work 🙂 and take that away as a positive outcome.