Custom Jigsaws – 1000 Pieces

Over the last few months, I have had the good fortune to be able to create ‘custom jigsaws’ in a range of sizes from 285 pieces to 2000 pieces from my Tangled Line Art designs. I have written several posts over on my blog post here  about the various designs and sizes available.

Off course, not all designs are available in all sizes. Smaller ‘Zentangle’ designs are available in smaller sizes where as the Tangled Line Art designs are available in a range of designs. Some designs are available in several sizes. Naturally, I will also be adding additional ‘custom jigsaws’ progressively as new designs are completed.

All custom jigsaw come with the design image printed on the top of the box and the number of pieces printed on the sides of the box. For clarity, I have also included the number of pieces in the puzzle in the ‘Title’ of each custom jigsaw. I will add additional pieces to the relevant galleries progressively.

Progressively, there will be more Custom Jigsaws available in more designs. Some designs will be available in more than one size.

To simplify which design is available in which size/s, I have created four ‘Galleries’ to showcase the designs available in each size.

Currently, there are four Custom Jigsaw Galleries –  285 Pieces, 500 Pieces, 1000 Pieces and 2000 Pieces.

Head over to this page to see more details on the ‘Custom Jigsaw Galleries