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I am really happy that you have found your way to my Bargello Gallery.

Grab a ‘cuppa’, take a seat, get comfy and browse through the gallery.

For now, I have added a few Bargello images to this gallery. One is of an embroidery and the the others are of quilts. I have a couple of ideas as to how I could translate this concept into art works. There are a few pieces ‘in progress’ at the moment that I be adding to this Gallery in due course.

What is Bargello I Hear You Ask?

Bargello is a type of needlework embroidery, traditionally stitched in wool on canvas. It is surprisingly durable and is used primarily on pillows and upholstery. Designs are created using vertical stitches in precise repeating mathematical patterns to create geometric designs. It is also know as ‘Flame’ or ‘Florentine’ stitch.

You can also depict Bargello embroidery designs in ‘Patchwork and Quilting’.

Sample Bargello Embroidery
Bargello Embroidery
Detailed Bargello Quilt
Bargello Quilt


This piece on the left is a small embroidery piece that I did as part of my Embroidery teacher training course.


The piece on the right is a quilt that I have completed based on the same concept.



Stay tuned and check back often to see new pieces as I add them to this gallery.